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Why SimpleFlow?

Here at SimpleFlow, we want to make your decision to go solar seamless. We partner with the best installers across the nation who align with our business ethics & goals. We have every panel and finance option under the sun & will be sure to provide you with the information and expertise you need to make the right decision. 


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Solar Installation Step #1

Save Money

Significantly reduce your electric bill today! Lock in lower rates & you'll start seeing savings immediately when you go solar with SimpleFlow.

Solar Installation Step #2

Increase Your Home's Value

Solar significantly increases the value of your home & you save money. By switching to solar, you start investing the money you're currently throwing out the window on energy.

Solar Installation Step #3

Own Your Power

Utility costs increase on 6-10% per year on average. Put the power back in your hands by switching to solar & locking in lower rates now for the future.

The SimpleFlow Process

4 Simple Steps To Your New Solar System

1. Free Solar Consultation

Every one of our solar projects begins with a free consultation, where one of our experts meet with you at a convenient time to assess your energy use, your individual solar needs, and answer all of your questions.

2. No Hassle Proposal

During your consultation, we will review a free proposal with you, no strings attached. The in-depth proposal will outline the solar system design, your solar energy savings, financial opportunities, and available rebates or incentives. We’re excited to show you how much you can really save with solar.

3. Quick & Easy Solar Installation

We take care of everything from here on. From inspections to permits and paperwork, we make it all happen so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings coming your way.

4. Power Up

It’s time to get you rocking & rolling. We flip the switch and your new SimpleFlow solar energy system is good to go! Your Energy Consultant will be with you on this day to explain how to read the system & answer any questions you may have!

SimpleFlow Partners and equipment venders

We Use Premier Aurora Solar Design Software

Solar Aurora Design Software

We use Aurora in order to deliver the highest quality solar project designs with the greatest accuracy, functionality, and opportunities to maximize our customer’s savings.

Aurora is known to be the top-of-the-line solar design tool because of its ability to conduct shading analysis, model a home’s electric load profile, and provide information on real financial returns.

SimpleFlow and Aurora


Finished Projects

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Solar Made Simple, Go With The Flow

We Service All Of California

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The SimpleFlow Solar Program eliminated my electric bill and saves me money every month. Now we are energy independent. We are so excited to not be paying the electric company any longer.

Cindy N.

Cindy N.

| Home Owner

The best part about my new solar system from SimpleFlow is they walked me through a great financing program that reduced my monthly payment, with the solar system paid off right in the beginning. Now I Own My Energy System.

Chuck D.

Chuck D.

| Home Owner

This was the best option available when we decided to go solar. We are on track to pay off our home 6.7 years sooner, and we will never worry about utility rate increases again.

Sandy P.

Sandy P.


This is the only way to get solar on your home. We no longer have an electric bill and our mortgage payments combined have gone down. Win Win!

Richard G.

Richard G.

| Home Owner

I still can't believe that I was sending hundreds of dollars to my electric company for decades. I should have done this years ago. I recommend SimpleFlow to install your solar system on your home.

Tony A.

Tony A.

| Home Owner